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Head over to my 'blog' section to read more about my first experience watching 'Love Island'.

The Show of Our Generation

Hi all, please find a passion project I've been working on in my 'blog' section! It's Always Sunny.. The Show of Our Generation

New Blog Post!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


Kindling, Aussie Flu, Friends and going back...

New Blog Post!

This week it’s all about Wining, Dining and Signing! Dive in on the blog page...

Blog Post- Publication Week

We have arrived at publication week! It's blog time... this week, it's The Storm before The Calm before The Storm. And you can read it on my blog page!

Blog Post- Extract Week!

This week I am presenting to you an extract from You, Me and Us. Want to find out what it's all about? Let's take our first step together over on my blog page...

Blog time!

Sundays, First Dates, weird friends and the perfect Christmas present.. 


All in this week's blog!

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The Corn Flake Usurper... staying up late, pre-orders and lads on virtual tour. All in this week’s blog! 

Pre-Order Now Available!

Pre-order You, Me and Us now! All you have to do is click here


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Stupid things, great TV shows, and when can you pre-order You, Me and Us? Find out on my blog page...

It’s official... 1.12.17.

It's QnA time!

Click the 'blog' page for this week's entry.. a QnA special! Im answering questions on Potter, best books to read before 30, and fancying fictional characters!

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Throwing pens at cats, pulling a sickie and book recommendations... what more do you want?! Click on the 'blog' page for more!

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This week takes a serious turn, as it's time to talk about dreams. 


Visit the 'blog' page to read more!

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Sometimes it's Hell getting to Heaven...


This time it's all about editing, The Beckham's literary talents, and realising you are boring.... 


Click on the 'blog' page to read more!

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Please head over to my 'blog' page and have a read of my first blog, I'm talking dreams, Judith and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.



You, Me and Us.

News and stuff 


Welcome to my new website. This is your one-stop shop for all things me related! 


I should very shortly be ready to announce a pre-order date for my debut novel; You, Me and Us. 


For now though please have a look around my site and keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive content!